Dr. Caitlin R. Kight
Educator, researcher, science communicator, author

I am originally from The Plains, Ohio, USA, a "census-designated place" (actual classification--look it up!) just outside the university town of Athens. Because I love my hometown, and Greek mythology, and birds, I have a tattoo of a little owl (
Athene noctua) just behind my right ear, perfectly positioned to deliver a continuous stream of advice and witticisms. I also sport a feather on my left wrist as a tribute to writing, birds, writing about birds, and perhaps even to birds who write (should there in fact be any), and I have a dove on my right hip in honour of peace, hope, and, you guessed it, birds. 

Although I originally intended to be a behavioural ecologist specialising in, amazingly enough, birds, I decided to abandon this career path after realising I probably wasn't ever going to save the world single-handedly or win a Nobel Prize. Sadly, I did not have this epiphany until after I'd already devoted countless hours to reading obscure scientific papers, injuring myself doing fieldwork, and collecting a trio of degrees. Fortunately, however, I have found in the University of Exeter a supportive and flexible employer willing to take my word for it when I say that I can do something useful with my strange blend of scientific, technological, artistic, communications, administrative, and managerial expertise. I'm sure they will be pleased when I one day figure out what I want to be when I grow up, and therefore stop applying for new jobs in different departments.

While I never expected to live out my days in my hometown, I also never anticipated that I would end up an expat living on a different continent--though after the election of 2016, I am inclined to claim in public that my decision to move abroad resulted from killer instincts and a strong sense of self-preservation. Before you ask, yes I do like it here and no it wasn't hard to adjust. I knew you were wondering because everyone does, and questions like those are one of the reasons I started my blog The Pocahontas Files. Because I'm a glutton for punishment, I also have a second (sadly neglected) science outreach blog called Anthrophysis that I will--I swear--get back to one day, just as soon as I have a bit of spare time in between doing obsessive daily challenges, compulsively reading fantasy/sci-fi/history books, pretending that I'a decent musician and photographer, drinking unhealthy amounts of tea, devoting myself to the textile arts (another actual term; sounds more posh than "crocheting and knitting"), hiking around the southwest of England, talking about flamingos with BBC radio presenters, and, of course, looking at birds.
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