Dr. Caitlin R. Kight
Educator, researcher, science communicator, author
I research, teach about the use of, and organise initiatives associated with, creative outputs in many different media. Although I'm not particularly proficient in many of these methods myself, I still love to use a range of techniques to document the world around me, discover new things, change my perspective, and disseminate the information I have learned. You can see below for a few examples of the projects I've worked on (or click here for a PDF summary). I've also appeared in or consulted on a number of projects; for example, the BBC have interviewed me as an ornithology expert on several occasions, I've reviewed manuscripts for The Wild Kratts TV show to ensure scientific accuracy, and I've provided advice to wildlife photographers looking to locate and capture specific species and behaviours. I am always interested in pursuing creative collaborations, so don't hesitate to get in touch if would like to work together.

After organising an educational event where students were asked to produce videos, I figured I had better learn a few techniques myself in order to be able to give them some guidance. Though I have extensive experience in planning, storyboarding, and creating scripts for videos, I am definitely a novice when it comes to filming and producing. I do find filmmaking fun and satisfying, however, and one day I hope to dabble in this art more extensively.

For three years, I hosted a radio show / podcast, entitled The Wild Side, on Source FM (based in Falmouth, UK). I have subsequently been involved in a range of podcast-related projects; for example, I created a series of podcast interviews for the University of Exeter's ERC Week celebrations, I have run podcast creation tutorials, and I helped edit an upcoming scholarly book about podcasting. My interest in this area partly stems from my scientific work in bioacoustics. I still have a habit of recording interesting noises wherever I go--even when the only recorder I have on hand is my phone. 

I first fell in love with photography in high school, where I took my first artistic photos with a homemade pinhole camera. I have since graduated to slightly more advanced technology. I most enjoy photographing wildlife and the interesting and unusual sights that I come across when traveling, but I am neither a wildlife nor a travel photographer (nor is my equipment up to snuff for either of those purposes!). I just like capturing scenes that make me smile or think. Several of my photographs have been published over the years on webpages, in magazines and newsletters, in books, and in marketing materials.
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