Dr. Caitlin R. Kight
Educator, researcher, science communicator, author
I am an academic developer and all-around jack-of-all-trades based in Exeter, Devon, UK where I am employed by the University of Exeter. I am the STEMM tutor for our Learning and Teaching in Higher Education programme, the lead on PhD supervisor training, and the organiser (since 2017) of the University's annual Education Conference; I also support academic colleagues with a number of educational initiatives across the institution. I conduct pedagogical research on the topics of supervisory research, the power of storytelling in teaching, incorporation of science communication activities as a form of authentic assessment, and the use of social media amongst scholars.

Perhaps you have found your way here after hearing me talk about colourful birds on BBC Radio, in association with my epically pink book 
Flamingo? Or maybe you have read some of my book reviews in Trends for Ecology and Evolution and Current Conservation? Or potentially you have been fascinated by my daily thematic posts during #366daysofmusic (2016), #poetic2017 (2017), and #virtualaviary (2018)? No? Well then, how on earth did you stumble across this little corner of the Internet? 

However you have found yourself here, welcome. Please feel free to poke around to find out more about my writing, career, multimedia experiments, and even, should you be so inclined, me. The links at the top will lead you to more info about my scholarly interests (yes, I still do research even though I'm not an academic!), publications, and other accomplishments. For all the fun stuff, use the links to the right.


If you are interested in having me write, edit, consult, teach, or guest lecture, please don't hesitate to get in touch.


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