Educator, researcher, science communicator, author


I am passionate about finding creative ways to educate, no matter the audience or the setting. This is something I frequently lecture on, and in order to keep my content fresh I often try my hand at new techniques. The below projects are a few examples of outputs I have created while experimenting with new media.


After organising an educational event where students were asked to produce videos, I figured I had better learn a few techniques myself in order to be able to give them some guidance. Though I have extensive experience in planning, storyboarding, and creating scripts for videos, I am definitely a novice when it comes to filming and producing. I do find filmmaking fun and satisfying, however, and one day I hope to dabble in this art more extensively.

I also make a habit of recording my public lectures so that audience members can review the material later, and people who weren't able to attend can catch up on what they missed.


I used to host a radio show/podcast called The Wild Side, and continue to lecture on podcast creation. My interest in audio outreach partly stems from my scientific work in bioacoustics, and I still have a habit of recording interesting sounds wherever I go.


I studied photography in high school, where I took my first artistic photos with a homemade pinhole camera. I have since graduated to slightly more advanced technology. I most enjoy photographing wildlife and the interesting and unusual sights that I come across when traveling, but I am neither a wildlife nor a travel photographer (nor is my equipment up to snuff for either of those purposes!). I just like capturing scenes that make me think. Several of my photographs have been published over the years on webpages, in magazines and newsletters, in books, and in marketing materials.